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Engagement Rings Around the World

Engagement Rings Around the World

Luxurian Jewels guides you through how our engagement rings are selling around the world.

We take pride in our stunning collection of engagement rings.

Our rings are handcrafted by skilled artisans, using only the finest materials and diamonds.

We understand that an engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of love and commitment.

That's why we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality rings, and unparalleled customer service.

We have seen a significant increase in the demand for our engagement rings, and we are excited to share with you how our rings are selling around the world.


In North America, our engagement rings have become increasingly popular over the years.

Our exquisite designs have caught the eye of many couples who are looking for a unique and luxurious ring.

Our most popular designs in North America are the solitaire and halo rings, which are classic and timeless.

We also offer a wide variety of customizable options, such as choosing the type of metal and diamond size, allowing our customers to create a ring that is truly unique to them.



Our engagement rings have also gained a significant following in Europe.

Our intricate designs and attention to detail have attracted many couples who are searching for a ring that stands out.

In Europe, our most popular designs are the vintage and Art Deco Rings, which have a romantic and glamorous feel.

We also offer a selection of colored diamonds, such as pink and yellow, which are popular among European customers.


In Asia, our engagement rings have become a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Our rings have a modern and elegant style that appeals to many Asian couples who are looking for a ring that is both stylish and timeless.

Our most popular designs in Asia are the three-stone and pave rings, which have a delicate and feminine look.

We also offer a range of diamond shapes, such as oval and pear, which are popular among Asian customers.


Our engagement rings have also become a popular choice among Australian couples.

Our rings have a simple yet elegant style that resonates with many Australians who appreciate understated luxury.

Our most popular designs in Australia are the Princess Cut and Emerald cut rings, which have a sleek and modern look.

We also offer a selection of rare and unique diamonds, such as black diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds, which are popular among Australian customers.


We are proud to say that we have clients from all corners of the globe, from America to Asia, Europe to Africa and Australia to Middle East.

Our engagement rings have won the hearts of our clients across the globe for their exquisite designs, exceptional quality and unmatched beauty.


One of the reasons why Luxurian Jewels engagement rings are so popular is because of their unique designs.

We have a wide variety of engagement rings that are designed to meet every taste and preference.

Whether you're looking for a classic solitaire, a vintage-inspired ring, or a modern design, we have something for you.

Our designers are constantly creating new and innovative designs that set us apart from other jewelery brands.

We use the latest technology to create digital models of your designs before they are created by our skilled craftsmen.

This allows us to ensure that our designs are not only beautiful but also structurally strong, so they will last a lifetime.


We use only the finest quality diamonds and precious metals to manufacture our engagement rings.

We source our diamonds from reputable suppliers who follow the Kimberley Process, which ensures that the diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Our diamonds are of the highest quality, with a minimum color grade of D to FANCY and a minimum clarity grade of VVS to SI.

We use only 18K gold, platinum and palladium to manufacture our engagement rings.

These precious metals are highly durable and resistant to scratches, dents and tarnishing.

Our skilled craftsmen carefully craft each engagement ring, ensuring each ring is of the highest quality.


We understand that each couple is unique that's why we offer personalized engagement rings.

We can customize any of our engagement ring designs to your specifications, whether it's changing the metal type, changing the diamond size, or adding a personalized engraving.

We work closely with our customers to create the perfect engagement ring that reflects their unique style and personality.


Our engagement rings are sold not only in New York and London but around the world in our flagship stores.

We have a strong online presence and ship our pieces to clients across the globe.


We believe that buying an engagement ring should be an unforgettable experience.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients to ensure that their journey with us is smooth and stress free.

We offer personalized consultations with our expert jewelers where customers can discuss their preferences and receive guidance on choosing the right engagement ring.

We also offer engraving and customization services so customers can add a personal touch to their piece.

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is interested in making us a favorite among customers around the world.


We are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their engagement ring purchase.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our engagement rings, which covers any manufacturing defects or damages.

We also offer a 30-day return policy, so if for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.


We take pride in presenting an exquisite collection of Engagement Rings that are adored by our clients across the globe.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the leading jewelers in the industry.

We believe that every engagement ring should be as unique and special as the couple it represents, which is why we offer an array of customizable options.

Whether you're looking for classic solitaire or modern pav rings, we have something for everyone.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how our engagement rings are selling around the world. If you are interested in purchasing one of our rings, please visit our website or contact us for more information.

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